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The Garra Rufa Fish

Garra Rufa Fish was firstly found in 1800 in a Turkish little town named Kangal. They are also known as: Doctor Fish, Kangal Fish, and Nibble Fish.


They originate from the Middle East countries and can be found in their natural environment mainly in Turkey, in Syria, in Iran and in Iraq. They live in warm freshwater with temperature around 30 degrees calcium. They grow up to 7 cm and their life expectancy varies from 3 to 7 years depending on the care they receive.

Garra Rufa eats a great variety of food. They especially love to eat the dead cells of human skin. The fact that they lack teeth makes the procedure of feeding totally painless and also very enjoyable. They also salivate an enzyme that contains dithranol which heals and regenarates human skin. The rate of their metabolism is very high so they are constantly in need of food.



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