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The role of hygiene is of great importance in this kind of therapy. Because of the fact that these particular fishes have no teeth, they can’t hurt humans in any way. At this point we have to inform you that there’s specie of fish called ChinChin that looks like Garra Rufa, but these fishes have teeth and they do bite. The fishes we use in Paros Fish Spa are certified Garra Rufa.

 Furthermore scientific research hasn’t shown any effects on human health.  On the contrary, scientists claim that Fish Spa is a safe therapy, as long as certain safety measures are taken.

For that reason the maintenance of the aquarium is very significant. To achieve this, special attention is given to the mechanisms used for cleaning the water. Mechanical and chemical filters of high quality recycle water inside the aquarium several times per hour. In addition, the UV radiation used removes bacteria from the water and eliminates them. In that way we ensure the purity of the water completely.

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